About Neon UV-C

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With a flood of counterfeit UV-C products hitting the markets, Neon has created a product that emits true UV-C light that inactivates 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms. Neon's UV-C 56 and 68 are air and surface sterilization devices that disinfect a 360 degree area using 4 germicidal UV-C tubes and reflectors.

Existing users click here to visit the guided usage page.

Customers Want To know Your Business Venue Is Sanitized

Nobody wants their business to be the reason that customers get sick. With UV-C 56 and 68 you can disinfect virtually every space in your building. Anywhere you can shine a light, UV-C can inactivate viruses, bacteria and microorganisms.

Arduous cleaning jobs are now effortless tasks that can be done daily. Your customers will appreciate that.
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Don't Ruin Your Reputation Buying A Knockoff Product

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With the current health situation, many retailers including Amazon and eBay are being flooded with products that emit ZERO germicidal UV-C light. That's right, buyers are using products that shine purple and blue lights that do not have any disinfection properties.
These fraudulent products are only making the situation worse as users (unknowingly) leave surfaces untreated allowing bacteria and microorganisms to continue to grow.

Don't believe us? Check out here, here, here and here.

What Makes Neon UV-C Unique?

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Commercial Grade Lamps
UV-C uses four germicidal fluorescent tubes manufactured by a company with decades of experience in this field. These tubes produce a combined 56 or 68 watts of power.

More importantly they emit a combined 14 or 22.8 watts of UV-C radiation— the light that does the disinfecting. Many products will only list the combined power and not the specific UV power for marketing purposes. When it comes to safety, we want to be as transparent as possible.
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Reflectors Designed For UV Light
Many small form factor UV-C disinfection units cut corners by not including reflectors to disperse the light for maximum efficiency.

Neon UV-C not only includes reflectors made of aluminum, one of the best materials for reflecting UV light, but they are manufactured with a specialty coating that further enhances reflectivity. This means that UV-C can more efficiently use its germicidal power to disinfect surfaces faster.
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Guided Usage
UV-C can be complicated. How long does the unit need to run to disinfect? How big an area can it disinfect? Where should the unit be placed? What safety precautions must be taken?

Every situation is different. Instead of providing generic information, Neon has a whole section of this website that will provide personalized answers and guided usage for your specific needs.

Existing users click here to visit the guided usage page.

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Made In The USA
All components of UV-C 56 and 68 are sourced from American distributors. Most major components are manufactured by American companies. The final assembly and testing is done in the USA by hard working Americans. A true Made In The USA product.