UV-C Air Disinfection For Occupied Spaces


While UV-C 68 is an incredible tool for disinfecting air and surfaces, the exposed UV-C lamps mean that the unit cannot be operated with people or animals in the area. UV-C Shroud covers lamps and uses a high powered fan to circulate air through the UV-C chamber. This results in continuous UV-C powered air disinfection even when the area is occupied by people.

Tech Specs

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UV-C Shroud
  • Covers UV-C 68 to use its UV-C power to disinfect air while shielding occupants from UV-C light exposure.
  • High powered fan pulls air into the UV-C disinfection chamber
  • Coverage for most room up to 500 square feet
  • Four carbon filters help remove odors from the room.
  • Peak UV-C wavelength: 254nm
  • UV reflectors coated for maximum reflectivity coefficient
  • Dimensions approx: 664x202x202 mm or 26.1x8.0x8.0 in