UV-C Guided Usage

Warnings And Usage Procedures
Ensure that you have read and understood all safety warnings and instructions provided with the product and on this site:

1. At no time should product be operated with humans, animals or plants in the area.
2. Avoid exposure to direct or reflected germicidal ultraviolet rays as they harmful to the eyes and skin.
3. Disconnect power before replacing lamps or reflectors.
4. The tube lamps are very fragile and extra care must be taken to ensure they do not break.
5. If product or power cord appears damaged in any way immediately discontinue use and contact Neon support.
6. Do not alter the product in any way.
7. Product should always be used indoors and only for the purpose of surface and air sanitization.
8. Product should be operated only on 110-120v AC power.
9. Germicidal ultraviolet rays can damage plant life and break down certain plastics, rubbers and other non metallic materials. Plant life, plastics, rubbers and other non metallic materials should be shielded from these rays. Germicidal ultraviolet rays can also affect paintings and other works of art. Paintings and other works of art should also be shielded.
10. If there are any questions or concerns contact support before continuing use. Support can be contacted at support@neoninnovation.com

1. For evenly exposing an area to UVC light, the unit should generally be placed in a central location.
2. Surfaces that are blocked by another object will not be exposed to the lamp and will not receive any germicidal benefits.
3. Note that although the visible blue light may travel through transparent and translucent materials, these material will often block the invisible UV-C light and therefore any surface on the other side of the martial will not receive germicidal benefits.
4. For large areas, it is often quicker to break up the area into multiple sections and run product in each area individually.

Exposure Time Estimator
IMPORTANT: The information below is provided as a guide and an estimate only. Neon makes no guarantees on performance or the accuracy of the exposure time estimate and assumes no liability. Use this at your own risk.

The time provided is an estimated time to neutralize viruses and bacteria on surfaces directly exposed to the UVC light. Porous surfaces will need a longer disinfection time.

Square Feet
Square Meters