Not Hardware, Not Software…Solutions!

Neon is not strictly a hardware nor strictly a software company. Instead of just selling individual products, we focus on building solutions to solve problems. Neon software, hardware and services all combine to create a seamless experience unlike anything else available today.



Out With The Old In With The New

There have been few (if any) revolutionary leaps that have changed the way athletes compete or coaches coach. In just that past few years we have seen the emergence of new technologies ranging from cloud computing to artificial intelligence to wireless communication and so much more. It’s time to utilize these technological advances to improve the sport of swimming at every level.



Something For Everyone

This isn’t just about providing a solution for one level of swimming. There’s no reason for clubs with hundreds of swimmers to have to struggle with more confusing and frustrating software just because they have more swimmers than a small summer league team. The same ideas can be used across the board to provide simple, yet powerful, solutions to solve some of swimming’s biggest problems.