Introducing Neon Pace Clock

Innovation For Most Important Tool Of Swim Practice

Unique, Futuristic Design

Neon Pace Clock features a design unlike any other pace clock ever made. At just 1.6 inches thin, it's the thinnest pace clock of its size. Neon Pace Clock not only looks incredible, but is also rugged and built to withstand indoor and outdoor pool environments.

Wireless Synchronization

Need to use more than one pace clock and keep them in sync? Neon Pace Clock features new wireless technology and algorithms for high performance and reliable time synchronization with no limit to the number of pace clocks that can be synced.

Neon Swim + Pace Clock

Workouts created in Neon Swim can be uploaded to Neon Pace Clock with just a tap. Neon Pace Clock will display and count through your custom interval workouts. Now you don't need to stick to intervals that are multiples 5 or 10 seconds just so the swimmers can keep track of time.

Available Fall 2018

Want more information about Neon Pace Clock? Send an email to PaceClock@neoninnovation.com.