Setting up a live stream used to be complicated….

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So we did it for you.

Over the past few years, live streaming has become one of the most popular viewing methods for spectators.

No longer do they need to sit on a hot pool deck for hours just to watch 2 or 3 races.

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Neon has partnered with Streamline tech and Occoquan Swimming to make professional grade live streaming possible for teams of any size.

All the equipment you need is included in one ready-to-go package:

  • Streaming PC
  • Cameras
  • Cables
  • Overlay Software
  • Streaming Software
  • Support from our engineers

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Pro-grade hardware combined with revolutionary software
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Compatible with most popular swim timing systems.

Streamline delivers professional grade graphics and animation overlays combined with automatic, multi camera switching. Streamline reducing the cost of operation by automating tasks that would require expensive hardware and the need for camera operators/directors.

Streamline's custom algorithm reads the data from your timing console and overlays it on the screen. This also enables it to automatically switch camera angles so that you have the best view of the pool.

Combined with Open Broadcaster Software, you can steam to virtually any major service including YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.

Professional Broadcasting For The Rest Of Us

Ready to go All the software comes pre installed and configured to work with the hardware. All you have to do is unbox, plug in a few cables, and you have a professional looking stream ready to go in minutes.

One stop shop for everything you need
Finding the right equipment is often trial and error. Finding it at the right price is even harder. We've tested many combinations of hardware and software and provide a range of options that will give high quality results without the hassle of having to test products for yourself.

Unmatched support
Streaming goes beyond just the software. Need tips to get a consistent internet connection for streaming? Need help with camera placement? What about sound? Support is provided by engineers. We can provide support via email, phone and remote desktop.

Free Installation Customers in the Maryland-DC-Virginia area can opt to get their equipment installed free of charge. We will even provide on site training if requested.

The Time For A Solution Is Now!

Don't need everything? If you already have compatible equipment, we can break the bundle and offer the components for individual purchase.

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